Divorcio en los jovenes

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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2010
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The purpose of this research is to know how divorce affects teens. Divorce is the separation of a marriage. This problem affects a lot of young people involved. This stage is one ofthe most difficult and very controversial, because these young people are facing daily decisions (drugs, alcohol, ect.). At all times, these young people face many emotions at once, some fear, anxiety,anger, depression, among others. Emotions are signals that tell the body and mind how to react even have much influence on everything these teens do. These emotions are very dangerous if you do notknow how to control them, these may affect negatively their emotions and thoughts. The aim of this work is to guide and create your awareness of these young people to overcome this problem as seekingprofessional help, either with a psychologist, psychiatrist or a social worker, they can even talk with a family member, but more essential is that these young demonstrate the desire and the desire ofwanting to excel and succeed. During this research I have been able to prove throughout 25 questionnaires; how teens are affected during this situation and how some mood disorders interfere in theirlives. In the results of how many teens have been affected in their academics because of their parents’ divorce; there were 21 out of 25. This proves that there should been communication from parentstowards their children therefore they can understand better the situation their confronting and they can be able to concentrate in their academic goals. It should be consider important to provide asmuch information to bring awareness to our society and to those that are specially in contact and that connect with this teens on a daily bases.

The method used in this research wasthe quantitative method, based on 25 questionnaires containing ten questions related to the research topic, which is "How parent’s divorce affects teenagers." These questions were answered by...
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