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“The Garden”
1. Vain- having or showing undue or excessive pride in one’s appearance or achievement
Prudent- marked by wisdom or judiciousness
Repose- to lieat rest
Garland- wreath, chaplet
Amorous- moved by love and sexual love
Incessant- continuing or following without interruption

2. There are eightlines in each stanza and the stanzas are called octaves.
3. Men try to excel in every thing they do. Men think appearances and great actions are very important towards goodcharacter. This action still occurs today in the modern world; men always try to be perfect in everything they do, like student-athletes who try to make high grades whileperforming excellence in their sports.
4. It is an allusion that deals with the Fair Quiet and Innocence.
5. “Sister” is an appositive for the Fair Quiet.
6. These linesare a simile because they compare the colors of woman to the color of plants with the use of “as.”
7. “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd,” by Raleigh is alluded.
8. Thetone is condescending; the starting of the poem talks badly of the behavior of men.
9. The speaker finds trees in nature.
10. That the minds of men think of unhappythoughts, because all their happy thoughts are destroyed by physical matter.
11. His soul just waits at the garden until it is the right time to strike like a bird.
12. It isreferred to Adam and Eve from Genesis.
13. The speaker speaks badly of men but talks highly of nature.
14. In the beginning, the speaker condescend men but at the end heexpresses that men would be great without the evilness of woman.
15. The garden is on a sundial. He comes there during the spring and summer, when all the plants are blooming.
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