Dna genetic code

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11.1 DNA: The Molecule of Heredity
What is DNA?
Genetic code
* Genetic- anything that relates to heredity
* Daughter cell- a cell produced from a o cell
DNA:Deoxyribonucleic acid a molecule that carries the genetic code the information is stored in the cell and can be passed to the daughter cell.
Watson and Crick in 1953 determinate the structure of DNA- doubleshelix- it is like a twisted ladder
The Nature of Nucleic Acid
2 kind’s nucleic acid
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid the heredity material transmitted fromone generation to the next working w/ the RNA ( ribonucleic acid) the DNA directs and control the development a of all of the cells if an organism.
DNA is a very long chain ofrepeating units
Forms a double helix
* One 5- carbon sugar ( deoxyribose in DNA & ribose n RNA)
* Phosphate group= PO4
* Nitrogenous bases
1. Adenine
2. Guanine3. Thymine
4. Cytocine

* DNA there are only four different bases are attached to the chain & these four bases can be in any arrangement/ sequence along the length of the chain
*Base paring the attraction between base
* The sequence of the base in the genetic code of helix
The DNA molecule consist of a chain side by w/ the based on opposite chains bonded to each other* Adenine always bonds with Thymine
* Cytocine always bonds with Guanine
The molecules is always coiled up in a double helix
The single DNA molecule are organized into chromosomes
Genes arecodes for a specific trait are at specific locations on specific chromosomes this referred to as gene loci
DNA Replication

* Replication in the process of making copies of DNA this process oncontrolled by enzymes
* Helicase is the enzyme that breaks the hydrogen bond in the DNA replication
* The chromosomes copy in a process called mitosis- the copies that are made re identical...
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