Do and dont's in public speaking

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Homework: Do and Don’ts

Class: Public Speaking

Date: 12/01/12


1. During a presentation you should consider if your volume voice is right, in order to let people know what you’resaying.

2. You can make some pauses during your presentation to make more emphasis.

3. It’s nice to use your hands and also your body to dramatize some of your ideas, this helps to getbetter attention from the audience.

4. People get interest during a presentation when they feel you’re talking to them, eye contact is a wonderful way to do this.

5. Some sound voices thatrepresent what you’re saying can be funny and this is also a way to get people more interest because they get the chance to enjoy you’re speech.

6. If you bring an object to your presentation, useit right. This means when it’s time show it to the people put it in front without covering your face, then put away.

7. Using a power point presentation can be very helpful if you watch itproper during your speech.

8. Practicing what you’re going to say to the audience could give you more confidence.

9. Use the space to your benefit, move around you’re audience and try to keepthe eye contact with them for a few minutes.

10. Make some questions to the audience before some parts of you’re speech, this will involve them and make more interest in what you’re saying.Don’ts
1. Putting your hands on your pocket during a presentation.
2. Avoiding watching the audience won’t help you to present a memorable speech.
3. It’s difficult for the audience tounderstand what you’re saying if you talk whispering.
4. Having something like a pencil or anything else on your hands while you’re speaking will distract the audience.
5. Your standing position infront it’s inappropriate if you recline on the wall.
6. Don’t watch too much to your power point presentation.
7. Dressing inappropriate is distracting.
8. Reading all you have to say it’s not...
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