Do people who speak different languages live in different world?

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Do people who speak different languages live in different worlds? 
According to the of  Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf hypothesis. On the one hand the hypothesis this could be true, because aswe know not all the words that we want to mean can be translated with and exact word, however this doesn’t mean that people can’t understand what they are saying. By the other hand we can express theword we want to translate with other words. We have to emphasize that this doesn’t happen always, there are many people who doesn’t understand what they are saying.
An example of this is the wordlove that people use in English, as we must know in Spanish we use the words te quiero and te amo to measure love and how we feel for a person. This doesn’t mean that English people doesn’t know whatlove means, because they use the same word for te quiero and te amo.
Another example are the words tu and usted, that people use to communicate with other people in Spanish, but in English they haveon word which is you as I said before this doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to communicate with respect. In English people use different words to communicate with respect, usually with people whoare older than they.
On the other hand this theory can be false because at the time that Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf wrote this hypothesis they didn’t have internet and globalization as we dohave now. Is because of the globalization that languages are disappearing. Social networks are making languages much more simples and is making people come together.
In conclusion we can’t decidewhether the hypothesis of Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf is true or false. However we have different answers for this hypothesis. The first one is that we can’t always translate everything we wantto say, but we can express it with different words. The second answer for the theory is that because of the globalization and social networks languages are disappearing and people are coming...
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