Do you speak prince2?

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Do You Speak PRINCE2?
Here is our short list of PRINCE2 terms with simplified explanations, examples or light-hearted comments! For the genuine article head to PRINCE2 Glossary to be found on our Downloads page of free resources. If you fancy a laugh too, there are a couple of links to some fun cartoons. Enjoy!

Business Case
Definition: The justification for an organisational activity(project) which typically contains costs, benefits, risks and timescales, and against which continuing viability is tested. For example/To simplify/Don’t forget… Keeps the focus on the questions you should ask during a project, “Why exactly did we think this was a good idea and why are we carrying on?” Head to Dilbert if you want a laugh – or cry – about Business Cases!

Communication ManagementStrategy
Definition: A description of the means and frequency of communication between the project, the project’s stakeholders. For example/To simplify/Don’t forget… This assists engagement with stakeholders through two-way communication. It’ll include things like stakeholder analysis where you would outline the relationship you’ve got with your stakeholders and the one you’d like to have; or is thata matter of wishful thinking for some?! Great cartoons from Grantland including a neat one on communication in general!

Definition: The person or group who commissioned the work and will benefit from the end results. For example/To simplify/Don’t forget… Normally used for the commercial customer/supplier relationship. Generally refers to business and user interests but where a productis going to market the customer would simply be the user. Every customer’s nightmare drawn and it seems added to at The Project! The web site welcomes ideas for new cells to the cartoon.

Daily Log
Definition: Used to record problems/concerns that can be handled by the Project Manger informally. For example/To simplify/Don’t forget… The project manager’s diary. Although not thepage-turning kind you see in the tabloids, it can still be pretty revealing. You would use it to log anything from issues, actions, and significant events to conversations, thoughts and observations. It’s worth noting that Team Managers might also need their own separate Daily Log.

Lessons Log
Definition: An informal repository for lessons that apply to this project or future projects. Forexample/To simplify/Don’t forget… For the good, bad and even ugly lessons that can come from within the project or from other projects. It contains the lesson type, detail, date, and so forth.
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Project Initiation Documentation
Definition: A logical set of documents which brings together the key information needed to start the project on a sound basis and toconvey that information to all concerned with the project. For example/To simplify/Don’t forget… This living document defines the project and gives its direction and scope. Along with the Stage Plan, it also acts like a contract between the project manager and the Project Board. Both parties can use it to review things like progress.

Project Manager
Definition: The person given the authority andresponsibility to manage the project on a day-to-day basis to deliver the required products within the constraints agreed with the Project Board. For example/To simplify/Don’t forget… Or as some might say, seldom the hero if things go right but often the villain if things go wrong! It’s definitely no picnic, for as PM you’d be expected to get the result that achieves the benefits stipulated in theBusiness Case.

Project Plan
Definition: A high-level plan showing the major products of the project, when they will be delivered and at what cost. An initial Project Plan is presented as part of the Project Initiation Documentation. This is revised as information on actual progress appears. It is a major control document for the Project Board to measure actual progress against expectations....
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