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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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1. Pata Hi my friend, How are you?.
2. Dani: Very Good my friend, and you?.
3. Pata, Cool, you know I'm very excited about an idea and I want to say it now.
4. Dani, Tell me, what wouldbe your idea. Tell it to me now!
5. Pata, The vacations aproach and I propose you something interesting and I will not accept no for an answer OK.
6. Dani, Yes, tell me, what could be sointeresting ?
7. Pata: I want to trip to Torres del Paine.
8. Dani, A Torres del Paine, so far ?.
9. Pata, yes my friend ,to Torres del Paine, I have been there before, scenary is beautifull nature.
10.Dani, Will we be a little entertained there?
11. Pata; Many things, extreme nature, fresh air, hiking, and lots of fun .. jajja
12. Dani, mmm, sounds nice, I will think about that.
13. Pata, youwill no regrets , you might think a bit before answer.
14. Dani; that´s true, pure air, nature, but I have to walk too much , I don´t like work very much
15. Pata, If you don´t answer me soon, I willbe angry.
16. Dani, The truth is that I want to combine fresh air with more fun activities.
17. Pata, I see, and what activities are fun for you?.
18. Dani, sun, beach. Go to shopping, see people,go to dance, that I need for my vacation.
19. Pata, then we have nothing to do in the south.
20. Dani; if we go to La Serena, we can combine the fresh air of the south with the north beach and weget a few friends .. jajjaa
21. Pata, mmm that´s interesting for me, please tell me more ..! Jja

22. Dani, of course, apart from beaches, you will discover lovely places inland.
23. Pata,what kind of places ?, describe to me please.

24. Dani, from the coast to inland, we can go to Vicuña, there are good restaurants and pubs, many people entertaining and the temperature is verypleasant, well into the night.

25. Pata, and what about my outdoors activities ?.
26. Dani, of course, there are observatories and clear skies.
27. Pata; That's better, but anyway I want to camp....
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