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I’m not going to read that book. It’s too boring
Sylvia shouldn’t travel alone. She isn’t enough old
I don’t want to buy anything in than shop. The people were enough unfriendly
Tania likesthe red rugs, but it’s too big for her living room
I love this belt, but it isn't enough long I need a size 34.
Are your shoes enough Comfortable? We’re going to do a lot of walking.We wanted to bargain for a lower price, but it was enough difficult

Choose the correct response. Write the response on the line.
$650! I paid $329 for the same camcorder yesterday!
Howmuch do you want for this vase?
You could try to get a better price.
I saved a lot of money on this dvd player. It was only $79.
Here you are, sir. They Atlas Hotel. That’s $8.50.

you thinkso?
what a rip-off
thanks. keep the change
what a good deal
the tall one

Read the statements and question. Who would probably say this?
All of our scanners are on sale.
I’m almost outof cash.
That’s out of my price range.
Wow what a great deal
How about this one? It’s out most popular brand.”
Can you give me better price.

Complete theconversation with the comparative or the superlative for of the adjective in the parentheses
Which one of these three sweaters do you think is the prettiest (pretty)
The blue one. The other two are notattractive at all.
How do you like the book?
I don’t like it. It’s (band) than the one I read yesterday.
Did you enjoy Australia?
Yes, I think it’s one of (interisiting
.Yo no voy a leer ese libro. Es demasiado aburrido
Sylvia no debe viajar solo. Ella no es lo suficientemente vieja
Yo no quiero comprar nada en la que la tienda. La gente era bastante antipáticaTania le gustan las alfombras rojas, pero es demasiado grande para su sala de estar
Me encanta esta banda, pero no es lo suficientemente largo que necesito una talla 34.
¿Son sus zapatos lo...
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