Doctor parnassus

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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2010
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In the movie Doctor Parnassus made another way to see the world.
In philosophy we talk about two worlds; the one that is good and the other that is bad, and in themovie we can appreciate it at the moment that the people travel around the imaginary world of doctor Parnassus, in the travel the people can see all about their debilities sothere’s when we can see the bad world.
Parnassus can be consider a philosophical person because he have another way of thinking about what happened around him, heanalyze all the things that happen in his world.
In comparison with his daughter she have a closer way of thinking, I mean that she was not interested in seen more of thelife. She have a commonly way of thinking and his father was more deep.
Also the evil can be consider a philosophical person because at the time that he did his tricks heis looking for answers that help him to win, maybe he is cheating but he have a mentality more open that other that help him to do his proposals.
Another reason thatmakes the movie philosophical is that for example, the woman that likes diamonds, shoes, etc. inside everything she is reflecting the loneliness that she might feel, that’swhen the philosophy plays his role in the common life, everything has a reason of being, if you like something or not is because is like a reflect about you.
If I were inthat world maybe I would reflect about everything, I would have answers to some questions that all my life I had made but I don’t know the answer maybe because I haven’ttake a time to think about me and about the reason of why I’m here, with the things that are around me, so a travel in that world might help me to make a reflection.
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