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Celebra los días festivos de Estados Unidos con sabor latino
Celebrate the holidays in the United States with Latin flavor 

Nochevieja y Año Nuevo o New Year's Eve 
Cuándo se celebra: 31 de diciembre y 1 de enero. 

Qué se celebra: La llegada del año. Se empieza a celebrar en la Nochevieja o víspera del Año Nuevo (New Year’s Eve), el 31 de diciembre. 

New Year's Eve and New Year's Eveor 
When is 31 December and 1 January. 

What takes place: The arrival of the year. Begins to celebrate New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve (New Year's Eve), December 31. 

How is it celebrated in the U.S.: We are spectacular displays of fireworks and great festivities crowded in major cities like New York, where hundreds of thousands of people jam Times Square on December 31 at midnight to makethe count clock. January 1 is a holiday and there are important parades in some cities, such as Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. 

Bringing a Latin twist: You can celebrate with some of our fun traditions: eating a grape with each stroke, as in Cuba, parts of Colombia and Spain, to reverse the block with empty suitcases to foster many trips in the new year, as in Venezuela, or burn the "old"or "devil", a doll she carries in a pocket a paper with all the bad things that happened in the year just ended, as they do in Ecuador and Guatemala . 

Día de Reyes 
Cuándo se celebra: 6 de enero 

Qué se celebra: Conmemora la llegada de los Tres Reyes Magos de Oriente a Belén para ver al niño Dios y obsequiarle con oro, incienso y mirra. 

When held: January 6 
Why is held:It commemorates the coming of the Three Magi from the East to Bethlehem, to see the baby Jesus and present him gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

How is it celebrated in the U.S.: In the United States only Latino families often celebrate this holiday. Latino bakeries bake the famous Rosca de Reyes, that families share with hot chocolate. Children, who have left the day before a shoe or other objectnear the front door, plus fodder for camels and cookies for the Kings, are gifts to rise. Usually not removed the Christmas tree until after this day. 

Día de Martin Luther King Jr. 
Cuándo se celebra: El tercer lunes de enero. 

Qué se celebra: Se conmemora el nacimiento del líder afroamericano que luchó por los derechos civiles con manifestaciones no violentas. 

Martin Luther King Jr. When held: The third Monday in January. 

What takes place: It commemorates the birth of African-American leader who fought for civil rights to nonviolent demonstrations. 

How it is celebrated in America: schools, federal offices, banks and post offices are closed that day, plus some private companies. Teachers share with students the biography of this great leader. There are communitycelebrations and speeches throughout the country. In 1994 the government appointed the day "service day" to promote volunteer community service forms that reflect the values ​​of Dr. King. 

Bringing a Latin twist: Take your children to tell stories of national heroes in your country or Latin American leaders like Cesar Chavez. 

Día de San Valentín o Valentine’s Day 
Cuándo se celebra: 14 defebrero. 

Qué se celebra: El día del amor y de la amistad. 

Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day 
When held: 14 February. 

What takes place: The day of love and friendship. 

How is it celebrated in the U.S.: The lovers exchange cards and it is common for boyfriends or husbands give away chocolate and flowers to their partners and couples go to a restaurant to celebrate their day. Yourchildren and you are likely to be occupied a few days before making cards for all classmates. 

Bringing a Latin twist: It's the perfect opportunity to reinforce the importance of showing affection and love to our family. Make cards for your children with grandparents and relatives who live far away. 

Día de los Presidentes o Presidents Day 
Cuándo se celebra: Tercer lunes de febrero. 
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