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  • Publicado : 25 de febrero de 2012
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Report Narrative / Description

Overview of Business Requirements (Business Users/Functional)

– Business Unit
• Generally do not understand manufacturing Cost• Do not understand how they can impact Operational Cost
• No visibility of actual Operation’s cost at a program level
– Operation’s
• Limitedcommunication on issues which constantly impact operational performance, only report issues to BU once critical
• No visibility of actual program cost

Definition Details(Business Users/Functional)

o Report operation's results at a program level
o Timely reporting of operational issues to BU Program team’s
o Clearaccountability of issues which impact Operation’s performance
o Report which drives action

Design Considerations (Business Users/Functional/Technical)

Report Front-end:Via Web available to download to an Excel file

Please see the file:
BCar Carline Reporting

Security Considerations:

LegacyReference Report or Manual Process (AS IS process information):


Data Retention and Archive Requirements:

To keep history for 2 years.

Inputs, Outputs, and Dependencies(Business Users/Functional/Tehnical)

Operational Support Requested
o Need Stake holder for each region
o Openness to provide data from both BU andOperation’s – Work in a collaborative manner
o Support to understand current capabilities and systems
o Definition and accountability on issues

1. Report Definition Details(Business Users/Functional)

Report Specifications/Suggested Report Layout

Please see the file:
BCar Carline Reporting, Eficiencia Octubre Mes, Real 71 October wo...