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Coin #1
Location: Fog Castle
Desc.: On the second floor inside the castle, after coming up the stairs, to
the left (Django's left!) of the block right in front of you.*

Coin #2
Location: Small Cave
Desc.: When you get into the room with the winding narrow path and two doors
that lead to Django's left and right, take the right one. You'll see a green
chest guarded by some Boks. Sneakpast them (or purify them) and get the coin!

Coin #3
Location: Gate of the Dead
Desc.: In the first big room, stick to the wall to Django's left and follow it
through an entrance way. The coin is in plain sight.

Coin #4
Location: Ancient Forest
Desc.: *NOTE* Cloud lens is required to get this coin! *UNNOTE* In the first
room, find the stone block next to the yellow hint panel. Destroy itand
follow the hidden path until you see a side path that leads to a small room.
Inside is the coin.

Coin #5
Location: Catacomb
Desc.: Find the room with the Solar Station. Climb the small set of stairs in
their, and head into the northernmost groove in the wall. Examine for a coin.*

Coin #6
Location: Bloodrust Mansion
Desc.: When you reach the clock puzzle room, go into the room toDjango's
right. The coin is in the center of the room.

Coin #7
Location: Deserted Arsenal
Desc.: Go to the side of the first stone block exactly opposite of the Warp
Magic Square. Examine for a coin.*

Coin #8
Location: Stairs of Trial
Desc.: In the room with the Sun Bank, go down the stairs in front of the Solar
Station, then up the stairs just north of where you came down. Go into thedead end, and examine for a coin.*

Coin #9
Location: Ruined Cemetery
Desc.: In the underground room where you find the Knife frame, you will find a
coin right next to it.

Coin #10
Location: Noname Fortress
Desc.: Near the exit to Noname Fortress, there is a side room. Enter, and the
coin is in plain view.

Coin #11
Location: Death Cliff
Desc.: Climb the first large slope you see,then turn to Django's left. Look
for a smaller ramp to the south that leads to an area with a normal treasure
chest and a coin.

Coin #12
Location: Crumbling Mine
Desc.: Before you leave the room with the Bok/skylight/solar bridge puzzle,
instead of going into the next room, go into the dead end near it, and examine
for a coin.*

Coin #13
Location: Suffering House
Desc.: After comingdown the big staircase, swing around the raised floor and
nab the coin.

Coin #14
Location: Stench Forest
Desc.: When you enter the room full of spiders, continue into the room
opposite from where you came in. You should find an enclosed room with a coin.

Coin #15
Location: Firetop Mountain
Desc.: In the giant push block puzzle room, instead of heading up the stairs
to the first block,continue forward onto that thin strip of raised ground to
find a coin.

Coin #16
Location: Permafrost
Desc.: Go onto the roof of the giant trap door puzzle room and fall through
the westernmost trap door. The coin should be right in front of you.

Coin #17
Location: Remaining Tower
Desc.: When you go to the upper floor with the trap, take the other door
instead. Distract (or purify)the Boks and check where they were all facing
for a coin.*

Coin #18
Location: Abyss
Desc.: Through the first blue door, in the room with the narrow path, make
sunlight hit the sensor so a Solar Bridge appears. Follow it and take the
northern path. You will find a coin.

Coin #19
Location: Valley of Ice
Desc.: Past the first blue door, in the room with the ice puzzle, look for a
chestnear the north of the room. The coin is right next to the chest.*

Coin #20
Location: Scar of the Land
Desc.: After the room with the lava (?), you will see two green chests guarded
by fireballs. Douse the flames with the Frost lens. One chest is the Dagger
frame, while the other is a coin.

Coin #21
Location: Forgotten Tomb
Desc.: In the room where the path splits into 4 seperate paths,...
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