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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Abortion: sudden disuse something. Some people see this as a timely and necessary in cases due, others as an abomination. We refer, of course, pregnancy.Statistics indicate that because of the still unapproved Abortion Act, there are more abortions'''' own hands, increasing the death rate by 23% in pregnant women. Is it really somethingabominable, unthinkable, denying abortion to a woman who does not want his son?
A woman has a long-term reproductive life: from menarche (first menstruation) until menopause, gets to have 5to 6 children, unless they do not want. '' This means that if the situation were to get pregnant extreme and not want the child, you may be granted an abortion,'' said the midwife ofClinical Olivos, Clara Mendez.
A church priest states that abortion is an abomination, and offends God, but ... Why that a raped woman can not interrupt the fruit of somethingviolent? Just because it offends God? But what if she does not believe in?
Factions'' abortion'' and'' no'' abortionists face between them, and even get to kill hate. Not quite the same asabortion? Interrupting? Lives? So why do they refuse?
In this also influences the cultural aspect: in society, according to the culture they have, there are things that are sociallyacceptable, and others being'' unusual'' or foreign, are booed and rejected. Abortion, for going against the common laws of society, is fatally rejected.
To summarize, it is clear thatabortion may not be as shown, but in certain cases it is essential.

In my view abortion is a very controversial issue and should be seen from many points of view, so you can notconclude anything certain something or is ambiguous, as there are many opportunities to see how to create a life for love, violence or carelessness, has much to do with the people.
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