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Book review
Stay With Me, by Garret Freymann-Weyr was a very enjoyable book. It wasn't just a sappy teen story but had depth and mystery as well. The story focuses on a girl named Leila Abranel who experienced a tragedy: the death of her step sister. Although she didn't really know her step sister that well, the death still hit pretty hard and the whole family was affected because of also thedeath of the sisters mother earlier that year. The book follows Leila's life after these tragedies and shows how she copes with the loss, one example being a slightly sexual relationship with a man two times her age. Altogether, after reading this book, i was satisfied with the development of the story line and felt like this was definitely a good read (no pun intended). I also really enjoyed theauthors writing style because the writing made it seem like the author was talking right to you and also, the way the book was written made it a somewhat of an easy read. I also really liked the character of Leila Abranel because i felt like she was a very complex character whose story/ purpose came full circle by the end of the book. Overall, i would highly recommend this book to anyone because ofits interesting content and great writing style
There is so much to love about this book: the cake metaphors, the interesting characters, the sad but hopeful mood. Leila’s favorite stepsister, struggling with bouts of depression her entire life, has finally made a successful suicide attempt, and 16-year old Leila is certain there has to be a reason for what her much older sister has done. Monthslater when her physician parents leave for Poland, Leila opts to stay with her remaining stepsister, the coolly elegant Clare, who assists with Leila’s attempt to decipher the mystery that was Rebecca’s life.

Leila begins to track down Rebecca’s favorite haunts, positive there are clues in the people she knew and the places she went. When she gets a job in the café where she last saw hersister, it’s not so much that she wants the job, but wants to be there when the man she saw her sister with walks in, to interrogate him. Only, she meets another interesting man there – 31-year old Eamon, who makes her senses hum as he gently flirts with her. Until he realizes she is way too young for him. And then, she decides she isn’t.

Leila’s complexity is what makes this book real: herattunement to her body, her dyslexia, her relationship with the “boyfriend she was mean to,” her interest in theatre and set design, the ghost of 9/11 hovering in the NYC setting. This is a superior coming of age story about life lessons and figuring out what great love is. “I think of the things I’ve learned by accident--” says Leila, “when to accept jewelry and what to order--and know I’m glad to belearning how to negotiate the where, the when, and the importance of sex.” Supporting characters are as interestingly drawn.

In spite of all the wonderful thing about Stay With Me, it’s going to be a book that puts censors on high alert: an adult develops a physical relationship with a seventeen year old that toes the edge. It’s tasteful, mature, carefully considered, and mirrors the realexperience of some teens, but it will raise hackles. The book, which builds developmental assets though modeling planning & decision making, time spent constructively, and supportive family environments, should be able to stand on the unquestionably high quality of the writing.

Good one
Stay With Me by Garret Freymann-Weyr
When Leila’s much older sister, Rebecca, kills herself, it changes thelives of everyone who knew her, and many people who didn’t. But did anyone really know Rebecca, or just the face she showed them? This is just one of the questions that Leila can’t help but ask herself in the months after her sister’s death. Did she know Rebecca? Or did she only know Rebecca through her interactions with other people? Leila knows her father. She knew her father’s first wife,...
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