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Ribs, lumbar vertebrae, pelvic bones and all bony prominences evident from a distance. No discernible body fat. Obvious loss of muscle mass. Ribs, lumbar vertebrae and pelvic bones easilyvisible. No palpable fat. Some evidence of other bony prominence. Minimal loss of muscle mass. Ribs easily palpated and may be visible with no palpable fat. Tops of lumbar vertebrae visible. Pelvicbones becoming prominent. Obvious waist and abdominal tuck. Ribs easily palpable, with minimal fat covering. Waist easily noted, viewed from above. Abdominal tuck evident. Ribs palpable without excessfat covering. Waist observed behind ribs when viewed from above. Abdomen tucked up when viewed from side. Ribs palpable with slight excess fat covering. Waist is discernible viewed from above but isnot prominent. Abdominal tuck apparent.

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Ribs palpable with difficulty; heavy fat cover. Noticeable fat deposits over lumbar area and base of tail. Waist absentor barely visible. Abdominal tuck may be present. Ribs not palpable under very heavy fat cover, or palpable only with significant pressure. Heavy fat deposits over lumbar area and base of tail. Waistabsent. No abdominal tuck. Obvious abdominal distention may be present. Massive fat deposits over thorax, spine and base of tail. Waist and abdominal tuck absent. Fat deposits on neck and limbs.Obvious abdominal distention.
The BODY CONDITION SYSTEM was developed at the Nestlé Purina Pet Care Center and has been validated as documented in the following publications: Mawby D, Bartges JW, Moyers T,et. al. Comparison of body fat estimates by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry and deuterium oxide dilution in client owned dogs. Compendium 2001; 23 (9A): 70 Laflamme DP. Development and Validation ofa Body Condition Score System for Dogs. Canine Practice July/August 1997; 22:10-15 Kealy, et. al. Effects of Diet Restriction on Life Span and Age-Related Changes in Dogs. JAVMA 2002; 220:1315-1320...
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