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1st Grade Unit 1: Personal Identification

Contractions dominoes
aren’t ‘m not ‘s not ‘s isn’t ‘s not ‘re aren’t are not ‘re aren’t are is are are is I He He She It It You We We They I He It YouSamuel Teachers ’m ‘s isn’t ‘s not ‘s isn’t ‘re not ‘re aren’t ‘re not am is is are is are I He She She It You You We They They You She We They Maria Students

DISEÑO La página está dividida en 2tablas de 2 columnas cada una de igual ancho y 14 filas cada una. Cada fila tiene los bordes externos punteados así como unas pequeñas tijeras en la primera fila y entre una tabla y otra para indicar elcorte. Las fichas deben ser blanco y negro y tener las palabras tal como se ilustra.

ACTIVITY: Contractions dominoes – Groupwork: speaking TIME: 30 min AIM: To practise the contracted and completeforms of verb to be by playing a dominoes game LANGUAGE: Function 1.1 Introducing oneself and other people and 1.2 Asking for and giving personal details Grammar: Present simple tense of verb to bePROCEDURE Before class: Make one copy of the worksheet for each group of four students. Cut them up into dominoes as indicated. In class: 1. Write on the board You‘re not in third grade and ask thestudents if that sentence is correct for them. Now, erase You so that only ‘re not in third grade appears on the board and ask students if there is another pronoun that can grammatically fit what’swritten on R on L the bard to make a correct sentence. They should mention we and they. 2. Elicit the rules to play dominoes. Tell them this time they are going to play in pairs and each pair will draw 6dominoes. 3. If students make mistakes, for example: *I’re not in third grade”, write the sentences R on L anyway. Ask other students if those sentences are correct. Encourage them to give you thegrammar that supports their opinions. 4. Get students into pairs and ask them to sit opposite another pair (they may do so on the OPTION: floor). Explain to students they are going to play dominoes by...
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