Don’t kill someone that doesn’t born yet.

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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Don’t kill someone that
doesn’t born yet.

A baby didn’t take the election to born, so that isn’t their fault of what bad decision you have taken or what happens in the world. Why you want tokill someone that doesn’t born yet, someone that depends in you? There are many solutions better than the abortion, like adaptation. Also, there are so many organizations that are designs to help you inyour situation that’s not a solution.

Abortion is wrong and selfish behavior. People who decide to take this bad choice do not think there is already inside of them being from the moment ofconception which it is not liable for any act or thing that has happened and although there are many arguments to defend this practice is not just take a life someone who is not aware of anything, but I donot take into account when making this big mistake is that it is a being with its own life and feelings.

To abortion is a wrong decision, and that youth can now say and support they lived a hardtime or who cannot keep a baby in his youth, but had the ability to make a decision to have sex. Instead they had the ability to decide whether to use contraception or not, much less will have thematurity to answer for their actions. Instead of take the option of abortion, you can give the opportunity to live giving him up for adoption, where a family can give to him all the love that deserves.There are so many families that can’t have a baby, and the only solution that they got is to adopt a baby.

Many women say they do not want to raise a baby who does not love in her womb but I say,you don’t have to love him, to decide whether to live or not, only God can decide who lives and who not. Everyone has the right to live, so why take the life of someone who has no fault. Abortion isanother name for murder is to kill under the law, but under the law of the Creator that is the worst crime, that is killing an innocent.
So instead of taking the decision to abort, cling to the...
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