Don quijote

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Hemanuel Figueroa
September 24, 2010
10th grade
Omar Velez

What happened September 23, 1868?

In September 23, 1868 what happenedwas that a group of people was brave enough to confront the Spanish with weapons. It was the idea of Ramón Emeterio Betances that had been kickedout of Puerto Rico, because of his independent believes. But he couldn’t get to them with the weapons because in Sant Thomas the Spanish governmentconfiscated the ship and all the weapons that were in the ship. Even though they got caught they decided to keep going and finally they took Laresand declared the republic.
Then the group of Ramón Emeterio Betances went to San Sebastián del Pepino but the Spanish were already waiting forthem in the plaza and there was a battle between the Spanish militaries and the group of Ramón Emeterio Betances that made them forth fit, escapingthrough the mountains. The Spanish military men cleaned the area and the result was hundreds of Puertorricans in jail and hundreds of deaths. Duringall that some people who weren’t involved in any movement got arrested and killed.
The intention of the group was to make a revolution vs. Spainand they failed, the truth is that the government in Madrid decided to make concessions a little time after to keep them from making intent ofrebelling again.
El Grito de Lares it keeps in the Puertorricans history that we were once not docile and we fought and got up to the Spanish.
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