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  • Publicado : 28 de enero de 2011
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Who inspire me the most?
When you are a child you have a lot of influence in your life maybe some of them were Superman, Batman, Spiderman, wonderwoman many of them supposed to be your favorite superheroe, but in my case my biggest superheores, are the one who makes my life brighter are my parents they taught meeverything I know.
 My dad has been always there, he show me how life was, how to handle it and how to live it in a fun way, he taught me about ambition and if Idream about something told me I can have it if a fight for it. 
At first I didn’t understand anything, but when time starts passing I understood everything hetold me. He fights for everything he has today, he’s company, he make his dream came true, he fight to become who he is today and never give up. It’s the mostintelligent, wisdom, funny and impulsive guy I ever met and because of that he’s succeed everything he want.
My mom is my heroe too, she knows how to make our daybrighter, she handles everything with a smile on her beautiful face ,she might be small but she have this HUGE intelligence and persuasion that she achieveseverything she wants. She does not take a no for an answer and together with my dad they made the best job to rice for 4 children’s.
My parents have always supportedme in anything I did. They pushed me to my limits and new levels. They wouldn’t let me quit just cause it was hard. They were always there to pick me up when Ihad failed, got hurt or was let down by another or myself. And no matter what obstacles were in the way they always find a way to help me achieve my dreams.
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