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  • Publicado : 18 de febrero de 2012
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After calling numerous doors and spend unnecessarily Saliva was Sancho who finally found theright door.

He knocked our gentleman's shoulder to get his attention, pointing to a woman leaning against the jamb of the window, dressed in white and darkly, could well be confused with a ghostlyimage.

Slowly came downstairs and opened the door.
Was approaching thirty, calculated Sancho Panza.
Dulcinea del Toboso was not, but Valencia.

presto, Don Quixote, his knee sank to theground, chin on chest, hand on heart and began his speech resabida in a position that caused the unbelief of the lady.

- Ohhh, Dulcinea, how long was the path towards my lady, my lady, how to find yourhome injunctive relief, worthy of your race ... etc, etc
Sancho and Dulcinea looked on with a hint of embarrassment and looked into his eyes. The lady Dulcinea hide his smile under the plam of yourhand and faithful squire answered him with a wink.

Flirted with her eyes, oblivious to the keynote address and the tireless Quixote. Unlike Sancho, who had no words nor needed because a singlegesture time to time had captivated our Dulcinea.

- My lady, grant me the grace to be your humble knight, protector of your gracious and noble figure, to be worthy of such honor ..-ended our gentleman,rising with difficulty from the ground, not only to end so his big statement, but because osteoarthritis of the knee was killing him.

Sancho toured the way back to the inn in absolute silence. Hedreamed of returning to see his eyes, his smile ... and hopefully someday to own that voluptuous body.

Don Quixote, feverish, scribbled thousands of verses, without rest, for his beloved Dulcinea ashe believed firmly in stone-amulet, I laid there, with great care, as a paperweight on those sheets of medieval calligraphy.
The next morning, when the landlady entered to ventilate the room of Don...
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