Dorian gray essay

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

The novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is a tale of moral corruption by the means of aesthetic beauty. The main character Dorian Gray goesthrough a dramatic transformation. From the beginning Dorian appears as a very handsome young man who is portrayed by his good friend Basil Hallward who appreciates him and praises his youth and beauty.However his metamorphosis begins when he meets Lord Henry, a very persuasive hedonist, who exerts a bad influence his life. Therefore, Dorian is an innocent young man when he meets Basil but evil andcareless after meeting Lord Henry.

Basil Hallward's aestheticism is visible in his dedication to his artistic creations. He admires Dorian for his physical beauty and carefree lifestyle.For instance, Basil takes care of Dorian in the sense of protecting him from Lord Henry cynical view of life by warning him not to influence the innocent young man with his hedonism. After thecreation of Dorian’s portrait, Basil refuses the idea to display the portrait with the excuse that, “he has put too much of himself into it" and gives Dorian the beautiful painting of himself. In fact, hebecomes completely infatuated with his own physical beauty. In short, Basil is an artist who uses a brush to show Dorian his feelings and demonstrates his fascination for him without trying to changehis mind; accepting him such as he is.

Lord Henry Wotton is the most influential man in Dorian's life. For this reason he is able to manipulate and control him. After breaking up with Dorian,Sybil Vane commits suicide. Dorian is stunned, but Lord Henry convinces him not to go to the police and explains his part in the girl’s death and urges him not to wallow in guilt. Then, Lord Henrygives Dorian a book about a man who seeks beauty in evil sensations. This book exerts a bad influence on Dorian and changes his view of life, becoming selfish and careless. In fact, the young man...
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