Dorian gray

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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2011
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Chapters 1–2: Dorian Gray, a young and beautiful man
has his portrait painted by his artist friend, Basil Hallward.
The picture is so beautiful that the artist loves it as he also
loves Dorian.Dorian also admires the way the portrait
reflects his beauty but becomes frightened when his
new-found friend, Lord Henry, tells him that his beauty
will fade with age. Dorian makes a passionate wishthat he
would remain young and beautiful forever; he would give
up his soul for this.
Chapters 3–6: Dorian falls in love with the actress Sibyl
Vane because of her beauty and acting ability. Whenhe
takes his friends to a performance she acts very badly,
which disturbs him so much that he breaks up with her,
hurting her cruelly. After the break-up, Dorian notices
that the picture haschanged; it shows cruelty in the face,
while his own face remains pure and innocent looking.
He realises that he can live a corrupt life without his face
showing the effects, while the picture willshow ageing
and the ugliness of his soul. Dorian decides to go back to
Sibyl and ask her to marry him but Sibyl has already killed
herself as a result of Dorian’s cruelty.
Chapters 7–8: Basil isshocked by Dorian’s apparent
indifference to Sibyl’s death. He wants to see the picture
but Dorian refuses and tells him the picture has changed
and has a life of its own. Dorian also refuses to sitfor Basil
for another painting. They argue and Dorian says that
Basil has taught him to love only his own beauty. Dorian
decides to hide the picture away in the old schoolroom so
that nobody wouldever see it again and discover his secret.
Chapters 9–11: Many years pass with terrible changes
to his soul because of his corrupt ways. He meets Basil in
the street one night and invites him home.They argue
about rumours Basil has heard of Dorian’s terrible life.
Finally, Dorian shows Basil the picture, which Basil finds
shocking. Suddenly, Dorian feels hatred for Basil and kills
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