Dorks diaries

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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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Is the typical story of a girl of 14 years to win a scholarship to particular school for eighth grade.
Nikki has the typical desire to be the popular girl or the boy gusarleyou like (Brandon).
His mother as a gift given to a newspaper Nikki August 30th a day that she writes that hates this diary but as days go by you will interested to write to theemotions, ideas and events of his life.
at the beginning Nikki wants to buy a cell but only if he does not survive with a large cell, annoying and the Stone Age. nikki soon afterbecomes the joke of the school and after several events both funny and interesting nikki Brandon meets a handsome boy and high, which makes a great friendship with nikki butthen even be something more because nikki is put start to talks more nervous as Brandon and form over time begin to worry more about each other and on one occasion where theadvocates of the most popular girl McKenzie and troublesome of all.McKenzie is thin and pretty high but not so smart she thinks the best school and like in real life has a clan of followers and makes fun of the unfortunate especially nikki.McKenzie is to make life impossible Nikki Brandon mocking her and jokes like task and makea fool. but has problems with McKensie nikki she is with her friends, but nikki does not create a pin-upgirl they could be a great artist and his drawings are pretty good while their friends chole and zoei the recognition and ask that if...
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