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The Collapse of The Soviet Union
Some factors that lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union was the weakness of the command economy, burdens of military commitments and the growing resistance tosoviet rule in the Balkans. However the most impact reason was due to the progressive governance of Mikhail Gorbachev and his revolutionaries ideas known under the influence terms perestroika. Alsoglasnost produced radical unforeseen effects that brought the system down.
When Gorbachev introduced the idea of perestroika he made changes to the soviet union economy but failed to work. For example,local managers gained greater authority over their farms and factories and people were allowed to have their own private business. Another reason is that the soviet economy never recovered from thecollectivization of agriculture. As a result agriculture didn’t provide a surplus to help financial industrialization. In other words the inefficient system of central planning that party officials shouldimpart wasn’t effective to have a stable economy. This shows that the policy that gorbachev want to improve in the soviet economy by lifting the tight control on all managers and workers wassuccessful but agriculture not.
The Soviet Union war in Europe badly overstretched their military and demoralized their military. For instance the size of military burden and the importance of the army asthe last defense against destabilizing forces ensured that the military issue would be at the heart of any serious attempt to enact broader reforms.also the manpower policies increasingly spun out ofcontrol from 1989 to 1991, starting with the withdrawals from Eastern Europe and ending with a massive revolt in the soviet union itself. This shows that economic of the ussr to support their militaryforces wasn’t helpful.

The growing resistance to soviet rule in Baltic nations was another event that lead to the decline of the soviet union. For instance, various nationalities in the Soviet...