Double fudge

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Double Fudge – Judy Blume
At the beginning, Fudge’s obsession seems to be the main problem in the story, but moreover, you realized that the real problem is MiniFarley, who causes just as much trouble as Fudge.
New characters are introduced all over the story, first when they meet Peter's father Warren's long-lost cousin's family, HowieHatcher from Hawaii and his twin daughters, Flora and Fauna, Olivia Osterman who is their neighbor, and finally, Mini Farley, whose real name is Farley Drexel Hatcher, justlike Fudge.
As I read, I imagined the story was going to be about Fudge and his problem with money but, I wasn’t right. But I could predict how messy and complicated was goingto be Mini Farley.
The main characters are Peter, Fudge and Mini Farley. Peter seems to be nice, smart and responsible. Fudge seems ambitious, obsessed aboutmoney and greedy. And when you meet Mini Farley, you realize he’s messy, naughty, disordered.
Flora and Fauna are the perfect twins, both very sweet, cute and soft.
OliviaOsterman is similar to Fudge, that’s why they are friends.
The story is about a boy and his younger brother, who only thinks about money, that meet their long-lostrelatives the Howie Hatchers of Honolulu, Hawaii, with new cousin called Flora and Fauna and Farley Drexler.
It’s an actual story because of the instruments they namedand the way they talk.
Style form and structure.
The author tells the story, it is retold in 3rd person.
You can see the ages of the characters in the dialogues because ofhow they speak.
Your response.
I enjoyed the book because Fudge’s and Mini Farley’s adventures reminds me when I was younger, behaving wildly all the time. I had a great time.
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