Dr. alfredo quiñones

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Raised in a poor family in Mexico. His
sister die of diarrea when he had 3
years old , his father had no education
but he had a gas store andthe
goverment took the store, and after
the crisis that hit Mexico in the '70s, her
parents could not support more to the
family. and his familycould not have
food on the table but he always had
the dream to succeed.

He become a primary school teacher at
age 18 but his dream was toenter in
medical school . At the age of 19 he
went as a migrante to the United
States he started picking out plants
and sold them in 65 dollars,the work
was not easy he work 10 houres at day,
but it paid enough to go to night
English classes at the local college.

In 1992 five yearsalter crossing the ç
border he sought and won a
scholarship at the University of
California, Berkeley, where he pursued
phsycology , math and sinceWith
scholarships, excellent tutors and a
passion for math and science , in
Berkeley Quiñones was introduced in neuroscience research. Aftergraduating with honors, one of his
teachers persuaded him to apply to
Harvard Medical School During the five
years studied in this institutionspecializing in neurosurgery.

Dr. Quiñones serves patients and is
a professor of neurosurgery and
oncology at the Medical School of
JohnsHopkins. And he also directs
the Laboratory of brain tumor stem
cells in that institution, where he
feels the lucky to be there he have
17 students .
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