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Selection 1

1. What importance does a rose play in the store?

The importance that the rose plays in the story are to prove trough it that something as old as a withered and crumblingflower could be revive by the power of the water from the fountain of youth, dr. Heidegger compares the state of the rose with his guests bodies.

2. How did the guests react to Dr. Heidegger’ssuggestion that they draw up a few general rules for their guidance?

They didn’t take seriously Dr. Heidegger’s words; they reacted with a feeble and tremulous laugh. Maybe they thought that theywere wise enough for not committing the same mistakes again. Youthful could betray you.

Selection 2

3. Which elements in the story are romantic? Which are realistic?

Although Hawthorne is aromantic writer we find just two romantic elements:
a) the power of the fountain of the youth and its effects
b) and the sentence “…but a mild and moonlike splendor gleamed from within thevase”

The realistic elements are:
a) The burning passions
b) To make mistakes over and over again
c) To disrespect for elderly people
d) To mock the infirmity and thedecrepitude

4. Does Hawthorne give the reader any foreshadowing of the ending? How?

Hawthorne gives foreshadowing of an ending that are weak, such as when he writes “…by a strange deception owingto the duskiness of the chamber, and the antique dresses which they still wore..” this could be interpreted that although they were very young in aspect, they wouldn’t escape from their real life thatit was dark, in the sense that their life were fading.

5. What do you think of Hawthorne’s skills as a writer? Hoe does he achieve it?

We think that he is capable to convince the reader thatthe story is true and to make the characters credible. These are achieved for not leaving any single detail in the air, given always an explanation for anything he writes, and also associating his...
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