Dr.heideggers experiment

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  • Publicado : 12 de enero de 2011
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Maria Olvalles
American Literatura
5th Period
Tuesday, January 19,2010

Dr.Heidegger’s Experiment

1. Hypothesis:
Dr. Heidegger had water from the Fountain of Youth. He was expecting thathis four old friends could accept his experiment and drink from the water so that they could be young again. He showed his friends how a flower that he had for half a century could beblossomed again just by putting it in the water. Dr. Heidegger believed that if they drink from the water they would be young again. He expected to see a difference in their aspects as quick as they drinkthe water.

2. Rationale:
The doctor expected to see a change because he heard that Ponce De Leon a Spanish adventurer went in search of the Fountain of Youth but he never looked for it in theright place. He heard that it was situated in the southern part of the Floridian Peninsula, not far from Lake Macaco. It had gigantic Magnolias which were numberless centuries old and has yet been kept asfresh as Violets.

3. Procedure:
a) The Doctor had a small black round table in the center of the room.
b) The table sustained a magic book and a cut-glass vase, of beautiful form and elaboratedworkmanship.
c) Had two faded damask curtains and through them the sunshine went directly across the vase so that the mild splendor was reflected from it on the ashen visages of the four old friendsthat sat around the table.
d) He had four champagne glasses.
e) He showed to his friends what happened to the flower and what the water could do.
f) He filled the champagne glasses with theFountain of Youth water.

4. Data/observation:
The four old people drank from the water and noticed that they were changing but they wanted more because they were still too old. Dr. Heidegger gave themanother glass of water and kept changing. As they received the third glass they changed completely and noticed that they didn’t have the wrinkles they had on their faces. They all started talking...
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