Dr. jekyll and mr. hyde resumen

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The novel takes place in the city of London in the winter of 1884. In this city shrouded in fog and cold, macabre events start to happen. Mr. Utterson, is a prestigiousLondon law, that is firm and is a little shady, does not talk to anyone, but know when it becomes a great friend.

Utterson heard a mysterious story from his friend, Dr. Enfield, which will cause alot of curiosity. So begins an investigation to get to find out the true identity of Mr. Hyde, a man who came close to his old friend Dr. Jekyll, as this will leave everything he owns.

Following thepath of your research unable to determine that Mr. Hyde is not only a negligible, but also a vicious criminal. Then there is a brutal murder in the city, a witness says the killer was Mr. Hyde, aftera long search time unable to determine his whereabouts, and there is the strange illness and subsequent death of Lanyon, an old friend of Utterson.

Dr. Lanyon before his death he left a letter toMr. Utterson, but with a condition that the need to read until Henry Jekyll dies or disappears, this time from start to happen more strange facts, Henry Jekyll begins more and closer to Edward Hyde.Mr. Utterson to see his friend Henry Jekyll is more and more ill will start to worry about it and starts to look for asking what's wrong, but Dr. Jekyll never says anything.

Poole soon the servantof Dr. Hyde arrives with the news that Dr. Jekyll he was murdered, but in your room still heard a person walking, then quickly Mr. Utterson and Poole's home run Dr. Jekyll, and when they come to hisroom only to find that the person who was there was Edward Hyde, Mr. Utterson then boot the door but when I enter the room Edward Hyde was dead.

On his desk Mr. Utterson found a letter from HenryJekyll, which specified that he had gone and changed his desire to leave his fortune to Edward Hyde now wanted to leave it to Mr. Utterson, and as expected no one understood anything, but at the end of...
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