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Chapter 1: THE DRINK

Dr Jekyll: very successful doctor. He lived in London: very nice house.
He was tall, thin and well-dressed. Short and dark hair, and thin moustache.

His butler: PooleJekyll’s laboratory was at the top of the house.
He usually worked there at night. The laboratory has shelves, tables with bottles with different colored liquids, old books and microscopes.

Onenight he wrote in his diary that he was not satisfied with his success. He was investigating the people character.

Poole brought him a tea but dropped a tray, Jekyll said he want to be alone.

DrJekyll drank a liquid in the glass, and began to cough. “What I have done”!
He could not stand up and he left the laboratoy through a secret door.

Chapter 2: THE CHEQUE

There were two differentareas in London, the rich area and the poor area. The Soho was in the poor area.

One night, a family of four (mother, father, son and daughter) were walking down a noisy Soho street.
The daughterMarta was delayed due to her shoelaces, when a wild looking man appreared from the dark, knocked her and stepped on her. The girl was hardly hurt, crying loudly.
A crowd of people run for the wild manand surrounded him very angry, they wanted to kick the man. But the man made a cheque of 50 pounds for the family. He said his name was Edward Hyde, but the cheque saind Dr Henry Jekyll.


Mr Utterson was Dr Jekyll’s lawyer, and his assistant Richard Enfield. Both were young (in their thirties). Always dressed in fashionable suits. Enfield talked about a man whohad hurt a small child, and the man tried to pay off with a cheque of Dr Henry Jekyll.

Dr Jekyll was friend of Mr Utterson. Last month Dr Jekyll changed his will and left everything to Mr Hyde. MrUtterson thought that Mr Hyde was an horrible person and Dr Jekyll protected him.
That night Mr Utterson saw Mr Hyde leaving the house of Dr Jekyll at the back.
Mr Utterson tried to stop the man...