Dr jekyll and mr hyde

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  • Publicado : 17 de febrero de 2011
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One day Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield are taking a walk they come across a door. Mr. Enfield is reminded of a man that one night man had run over a girl and as compensation, go inside thedoor and get out with a check he signature on the check is of Dr. Jekyll. After listen that Utterson questions what is the name of that men a mr enfield response that his name is Mr Hyde and Uttersontha they know the men sign the check.
That night after dinner Utterson read the Dr Jekyll will that say that is he die all her possession going to pass to his friend Mr Edward Hyde that make angry toMr Utterson
Then the Mr utterson realize that the door that Mr enfield say go to the Dr Jekyll laboratory and then hi meets Mr hyde and inmediatly feel hate to her then one night in a dinner inthe Dr Jekyl house Utterson talk with her about Mr Hyde but Dr Jekyll say that he was very interesting in Mr Hyde and don´t want to talk more about her.
One year later a maid look thrust the window howa little man kill a old men with a heavy stick she recognize te man as Mr Hyde and call the police then the pilice talk witn the Mr Utterson a his said tha he think than get the police to the Mr Hydehouse Mr. Utterson accompanies a police inspector to Hyde's residence in seedy Soho. Hyde is nowhere to be found. Fearing for the security of Dr. Jekyll , Mr. Utterson confronts him once again abouthis connection with Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll say that he will have nothing to do with Hyde ever again and that had learn a great leason. He even presents a letter signed by Hyde that states Dr. Jekyll hasnothing to fear but the Mr Utterson then discover that the handwriting of the letter was the same as Dr Jekyll.
Time passes and Dr. Jekyll returns to his old life, hosting parties and helping outwith many charities and nonbody now nothing about Mr Hyde again. Then suddenly, Dr. Jekyll refuses to see people and was very ill so Mr Utterson start to get worried about him . And mysteriously, Dr....
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