Dr jekyll and ms hyde

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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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Alberto González Olascoaga
¨The fantastic voyage¨
Once upon a time there was a ninja call Ryu that he travel into a mission, that the base of thismission was defeat their enemy that was called the nameless, the aspect of his enemy was: tall, black armor, carrying a legendary sword called the sword ofthe dragon was made ​​of sapphires sharp metal could cut up the world's toughest. The aspect of Ryu was: a ninja suit, shurickens, smoke bombs, a bow, a sword that could defeatthe nameless. Ryu has a special layer that protecs him of the shurickens, when Ryu travels to go to defeat the nameless he found occasionally a partner ho give all thearmors, weapons and the layer, when Ryu was walking to the palace to defeat the nameless, found one of his guards that protected the castle, was thestrongest guardian of all when , but Ryu did not know is that the guardian had been imported figures and had been transformed into a robot ,the battle began the two used theirbest abilities to combat Ryu won final throwing a shuricken to the head and the robot turn off. When finally he won he continue his traveling to the castle when he finallyarrived to the castle he saw the nameless. Ryu told the nameless: I will defeat you on behalf of all the ninjas that come in and have fallen, today i will defeatyou and avenge his death! and began to fight you could hear the clashing of swords then Ryu after he threw a shuriken to the arm, then the nameless said: that's all yougot? Ryu and in that moment fits the sword in the chest and defeated the unnamed, and returned home full of satisfaction at having defeated the unnamed