Dracula from bram stoker

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  • Publicado : 25 de marzo de 2011
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Dracula from Bram Stoker

Before Reading:
a) What do you know about Dracula? Have you ever watched any films about Dracula?
I know the whole novel because a few years ago I read the Bram Stocker novel and I have seen a couple of films.
b) Are there any famous horror stories in your country? Which are their names?
Yes there are many horror stories from the Guatemalan novelist Hector Gaitanin his books “La calle donde tu vives” you can find all kind of horror histories.

After Reading:
1. On the last leg of Harker's trek he meets Dracula's… castle in the middle of the woods when he is out of the float he hears wolves howling and other strange sounds, then in the back of a fog cloud he saw another float that was going to took him to meet his client.
2. The followingday, with the Count away from the Castle, Harker explores his suite of rooms, including a library. He sees no sign of any servants, and yet his food is laid out for him. When the Count returns, he..... was in his bathroom shaving when he turned around he saw Dracula that was there to say to him that he was ready to work, but when Harker turned around to continue shaving he realize that Draculahadn’t reflection in his mirror.
3. Later as Harker is looking out a window, he witnesses a bizarre and disturbing sight. The Count emerges from a window below and crawls down the… castle to the grown where he disappeared into the woods but the last thing Harker saw was a wolf shape.
4. He is angered that Harker has written the one to Mina in coded language and burns it. The letter to Mr. Hawkinswas written normally and the Count read it carefully.
5. Another of the novel's themes is explored in this chapter, the role of women in Victorian society. Both Mina and Lucy possess traits that… permit them to choose the husband they want and the one that is better for them.
6. Seward is becoming more and more engrossed in… the behavior of the inmates of the lunatic asylum
7. the captaindescribes a terrifying "fiend or monster"… that was in the ship and every night it attacks anybody to eat
8. She is also growing… some big an white fangs
9. Arthur himself must leave to visit his… own doctor to see the illness of his fiancé so they can marry in healthy
10. Together they return to Lucy's room and are appalled to find… that she is not alone, beside her here was a men in blackclothes that disappeared immediately and left Lucy very ill and weak
11. Lucy's mother sleeps next to her out of concern for her daughter's well being. In the middle of the night… count Dracula appeared and bite Lucy’s mother and left them very weak
12. Just when things are improving, Mr. Hawkins dies suddenly, leaving his house to the Harkers in … a very bad situation because Mr. Haker is leftwithout work

13. The children all have small wound marks on their throats… and die some weeks later
14. Back… in Amsterdam, Van Helsing is ready to go to Transylvania to end the illnesses the Count has made and for that he ask for help to everybody
15. When it was close they realize it was Lucy, or what is was left or her and it was very similar to the Count
16. She flings the child from herarms and approaches Arthur, beckoning him in… to get closer and he starts getting closer to her when Van Helsing stop him and re kill her with a stake
17. Beginning with… the visit of Haker to the Count Dracula’s castle.
18. To do so, they must locate all fifty wooden boxes and sterilize the earth within each one, to make the count be in his castle and cannot move to another place in daylight19. She recalls her strange experience of the night before, when a thick mist filled… up the whole room until she can’t see nothing the only thing she feel was a little pain in the neck and fell asleep
20. Seward tries to draw him out by discussing God and the soul… and the inmate discuses that he believe in a dark person that coincides with Dracula
21. Van Helsing flashes a holy wafer...
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