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(Bram Stoker (1847-1912) was born in Dublin. After attending Dublin University, he spent ten years as an Irish civil servant, trying to keep up his writing in his free time. By 1871 he had become the drama critic for the Dublin Mail he gained experience as a newspaper editor, reporter and short story writer. In 1878 he became the personal assistant to Sir Henry Irving, the foremostShakespearean actor of this day, accompanying him on tours and managing Irving’s theatre after Irving’s death in 1905, Stoker worked on the literary staff of the London Telegraph. Dracula, his most famous work was published in 1897.
(The kinds of narrators found in Dracula:
1. By knowledge:
← The narrators in the book are the characters and some newspaper advises published in some diary, sothe narrator is limited.
2. By the point of view:
← In the book are located 3 kinds of narrators by point of view; technically it should be only a third person narration because the story is narrated in diaries, letters, newspaper interviews and advises, but in the diaries also write about another person and some dialogue they have –“Ah you don’t comprehend friend John. Do not think I am notsad, though laugh...”[1]- so right there we can appreciate the second and the first person narrator, that’s why there are found the 3 kinds of narrators.
( Characters:
← Main characters( Dracula, Jonathan Harker, Mina (Murray) Harker.
← Secondary characters( Lucy Westenra, Dr. John Seward, Dr. Abraham Ven Helsing.
← Environmental characters( Arthur Holmwood, Renfield,Quincey Jones, Mr. Hawkins, the gypsies, Mrs. Westenra, the vampire women of the count’s castle.
( Setting:
← It is set mainly in England and Transylvania; but it was also set in Whitby; Buda-Pesth and some other places.
← Time ( it takes place during the 19th Century.

(Summary of the story(

t all starts when Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to sign a property agreementof some properties that Dracula had bought in England.
It all seemed going well, until weird things started happening in the castle and Jonathan noticed them so he was trying to find out what happened and he entered to forbidden dormitories and he was in great danger as he was stocked by three vampire women who tried to eat him.
Count Dracula saved him and then he continued his research untilone day he noticed that it was something evil around and he decided to go.
Mina Murray, his fiancée who lived in London was writing to her best friend Lucy Westenra, her best friend, and when Lucy answered she told her that she was going to get married with Arthur Holmwood –the son of Lord Godalming- but she also relates how Dr. Seward -the owner of a mental hospital- and Quincey Jones -an Americanyoung man- proposed to Lucy, but that she only loved Arthur since ever. Lucy’s mother was ill, she had a heart disease and she was to live no very much, but Lucy wasn’t aware of this, so she thought everything was perfect.
Mina went where Lucy and she started to notice that several weird things happened, because Lucy started sleepwalking and she went outside of her house and walked for severalhours round the house, but there was always a big bat. –“8 August.- Lucy was restless all night, and I, too, could not sleep... Fortunately each time I awoke in time and managed to undress her without waking her, and got her back to bed...-[2] Besides Mina wrote about an adventure they both had which was about chasing Lucy because she went out sleepwalking for a long time until she reached a darkpark, and when Mina finally get to find Lucy, she noticed there was a strange creature next to her and it disappeared as she got closer.
Dr. Seward was taking care of a special patient he had, called Renfield, who was a very weird person who ate little lives like flies, spiders and birds. He started growing violent at night, and he escaped until he reached a lonely place and he shouted -"I am...
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