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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2010
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The best movie I have ever seen is Troy because of the actiing, the war story and production.

This film is one of the best movies of brad pitt. It is based in Homers lliad and includes materialfrom the epic cycle. Achilles is a very important character who gives life to the greatest warrior of that time. Where he shows his skills to fight and defeat their opponents. Despite their courage,fighting spirit and the value of fight. He also has a big heart because he is not as bad as he looks because he falls in love in the middle of the war with a beautiful woman niece of the king of Troynamed Briseis(Rose Byrne). Eric Bana does a great starring act in this movie; he is the king's son. A good example to follow because of his humility, good heart, he is a nice guy with his people and thegood warrior that characterizes him. In my opinion these two are the main actors. Their acting looked so real that you not take off from the screen for a second.

The war scenes that this film hasare very well directed by the producer, it is based in homers lliad , it has a high quality audio effects, this movie looks so real that makes you think that it did happen. Also shows the ambition ofthe king Agamemnon (Brian Cox) of Mycenae is in Thessaly, Greece, looking to conquer this last territory not in his fledgling empire. His soldiers prepare to fight the Thessalonian king, Triopas(Julian Glover). Triopas agrees to settle the matter through single combat between their best warriors. Achilles (Brad Pitt) easily kills the Thessalonian champion Boagrius (Nathan Jones). Acceptingdefeat, Triopas presents Achilles with a scepter as a token for his king. But Achilles refuses, saying Agamemnon is not his king of Greece. Agamemnon used achilles to destroy troy . Every battle that is wonby the Greeks is thanks to Achilles. who is blessed by the gods and that makes him strong, but unfortunately he has a weakness which is on his heel. From my point of view, one of the best parts of...
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