Dragon age

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Charming place. Before you do anything, head north and enter the shop. Pick the chest in the corner and loot the Antivan Boots for a gift for Zevran, yeilding a brief coversation. Then go south again and enter the villager House. There's not much in the way of loot here, but there is an alter that will trigger a brief scene with your party.

Once you're ready, leave the house. You'llhave to fight your way up to the Chantry at the top of the hill. The first group consists of a few guards and citizens and are easy to blast down. The next fight is against one mage and three reavers. Make sure you kill the Reavers first for this fight. Up the hill a bit further and there's only a few reavers left. Kill 'em and enter the Chantry.

Eirik and his minions will attack you after sometalking about how much of an unenlightened savage you are, so savage the lot of them. Divert into the left room and loot the small silver bar for another gift for Zevran. Loot the medalion off Eirik's body and examine the brick wall on the right side of the main room. Genitivi is lying on the floor, give him the medallion and allow him to take you to the temple.

Leave the brother in the templecourtyard. Trials or worth, sharpened spikes, there's a distinct "Indiana" smell here if you ask me. Fight your way to the top of the stairs, there's absolutly nothing here which should cause you any problems. At the top go right through a frozen corridor and loot the Fallen Knight for some decent loot, then go back to the main room and into the other side. There's an elite Bronto in here, makesure you kill it before going for the archers.

They'll be a trip wire in the next hall, disarm it if you can and kill the enemies that charge out of the room. Go south and open the door into a chapel, there'll be a lot of enemies in here, so as ever, Tempest is your friend. Go into the small room from here to pick up a key.

Head back into the main room and decend the stairs. There's some moremobs here, make sure they don't overwhelm your tank and AoE to get the or most of them down quickly. As you came down the stairs go right into the side passage where there's a small room where you can kill three cultists and get the Discovering Dragon's Blood gift for Wynne if you like.

Come out into the main hall again and cross over into the hall. Go to the far end and enter the room to pickup the quest Forgotton Verses and the codex entry The Old Gods. Unlock the door in the hall and get the main key, then go back up the stairs. the game saves before you enter the door right in front of you.

Run into the room and trigger the Ash Wraiths to spawn, then run back to the door and use all of your cold attacks to kill them. When they're dead a mage will come down the stairs, so focuson him next. When he goes down kill the remaining archers.

That was simple, why can we never fight dragons or something! Th next room features four archers and a lot of traps. It is best to hang back and use arrows and spells for this, then move across the room springing as many of the traps as you like.

When you enter the next room and the game auto-saves, run to the door on the right,ignoring the ash wraith that pops up. There's a mage in the hall here with some rather nasty spells, kill her first, then the wraith, the the others.

Enter the room where the mage came from and into the hall through the doors. Once again get rid of the mage before she knocks you on your be-hinds and slaughter the lot of the rest second. Another room, the same plan Mage > Wraiths.

Last enemy roomfeatures one trap, one reaver and some archers. There's a statue in here Wynne will enlighten you on. Head up the stairs and into the Wyrmling Lair.

Turn into the next big hall. In this room another ash wraith spawns as well as an Overseer that can hit reasonabaly hard. Kill the Overseer and Wraith first and go for the trash that surrounds them.

The next room offer two mages, the one on...
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