Drama del sida

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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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Guion AIDS
Narrator: Juanita was a girl of 15 who was in his third year of secondary school 197, she was a girl with a good average, besides that Juanita was a very beautiful girl.
Moststudents living with their boyfriends wanted to be marihuana but she did not see anyone.
One day Juanita was walking through the plaza, until something happened that changed his life.(Juanita hits Hector)
"Hector: Pardon me friend did not see you
Juanita (rising from the ground): Do not worry.
"Hector: Hey is that really gives me grief, let me invite you a coffee to makeit up.
Juanita: Really do not worry, I'm fine.
- Hector: But I would feel better if you accept my invitation.
Juanita: Okay.
Narrator: In his meeting with Juanita's spent well andspent before leaving their cell phones to keep in touch. Hector was a senior, he had 24 years but had a very good financial position, at his young age his parents had given her a home. And hethought that alone would achieve anything with women. He and Juanita was continued in different places until they began to be engaged, one day they gathered in a park and that Juanita made a bigmistake.
"Hector: Juanita, every moment I spent with you are the happiest moments I've had, and I love that you went to live with me in my house, I will give you all the luxury you deserve mylove.
Juanita: If my life I would love to go and live in your house, but first I must talk to my mom.
"Hector: Alright Juanita, talk to her because my greatest desire is to live with me.Narrator: And so, I speak with her mother Juanita
Mom: No way you are going to live with that guy, are you crazy? Do not even know, and just going to finish high school.
Juanita: Well, Ido not mind your opinion, I'll move with Hector, I take care and keep me. Why do I need to study?
Mother: Juanita if you cross that door ...

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