Drogas & alcohol

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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2010
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Alpha Flight
May 15, 2010
Lesson 1 Review
1. Give three reasons people take medicines.
To fight infections, relieve pain and to prevent diseases.
2. What is the difference betweenantibodies and antibiotics?
Antibodies are proteins that attack and kill specific germs that cause diseases and antibiotics are medicines that reduce or kill harmful bacteria in the body.
3. What isa side effect?
Any effect of a medicine other than the one intended.
4. List the three possible reactions that can result from taking more than one medicine at a time?
Passing out,intoxication and dead.
5. What are three forms of drug misuse and three forms of drug abuse?
Drug misuse: using a drug for longer that a doctor advises, using a drug without following directions andcombining medicines.
Drug abuse: using an illegal drug, using a medicine when you don’t need it and using a substance that was not meant to enter the body.
6. What is addiction? Use it in acomplete sentence.
The physical or psychological dependence of a substance. Being in an addiction of any illegal substance could be deadly.
7. How is heroin use related to the spread of HIV?
Heroinis injected and many addicts share needles, HIV can be transmitted by blood.
8. List two types of stimulants, and describe their effect on the body.
Crack, damage lungs, seizures, heartattacks and dead; cocaine, damage to nose lining, liver and heart, seizures, stroke and dead.
9. Define the terms hallucinogen and inhalant. Explain the relationship between the two terms.Hallucinogens: drugs that distort moods, thoughts and senses. Inhalants: substance whose fumes are sniffed and inhaled to produce mind-altering sensations. They both mess with your brain.
10. Name twohallucinogens known by their initials.
PCP and LSD.
11. What is the difference between psychological dependence and physical dependence?
Psychological dependence is when your mind tells you you...