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Doing drugs is the best way to feel good without problems or worries? Here you
gonna have some information that is dedicated to help people who are struggling
with a drug addiction in theirfamily or a friend who is addicted to drugs. Here you
cocaine, ectasy, LSD and many others. I will also give you give you information
on what to look for and and mainly what you can expect yohappen. If are they
process in an organism with a not nutritional intention. The term drugs refer
preferentially to its illegal use and that produces psicoactivity. Meaning that the
word drug isany chemical substance capable of modifying the functioning of a
humanbeing. This concept says that the modification can be harmful or beneficial
on the characteristics of it.
Are you reallyharmful? Its effects on the nervous system are serious. It is possible
to say that they are the material things that more damage the man. They concern
the powers of the soul reducing the capacityof the intelligence and of the will.
Drugs destroy your life or organism. Drugs destroy your welfare involving you
more and more on drugs until it takes you to death.
Then, why do they take?There are several motives: They are fashionable in some
environments in some environments and the one who does not take them can feel
something rejected. Also there is curiosity and desire ofnew experiences.
Normally they are started taking by influence of the friendship. They produce
pleasures and short term well being. And you must do not want to know about your
posterioreffects. It is a way of escaping of the reality. But it does not solve but
aggravates the problems. Some persons without ideal adopt as principal goal in his
in them while now it provides thementertainment.
How to go out of the drugs? The drugs debilitate the intelligence and the will, and
look for the help of a right hand person that give you support in a debilitated will.
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