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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2010
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Should drugs be legalized? Drugs are a constant problem in Spain. On one hand, if a drug is banned a new one will be created. And this one will cause many problems. Furthermore, legalizing a drug leads to constant problems. Whereas, legalizing drugs means that the job demand will increase because they would need more people to make the drugs. Should drugs be legalized or not? While I think drugsshould not be legalized, many others disagree.
The first major benefit that will come from the legalization of drugs will be the increase in jobs. Creation of new jobs will take place in the manufacturing industry, sales industry, and marketing industry--due to the increased demand for drugs.
The manufacturing industry will experience a boost because some drugs will need to be mixed with othersubstances to become other drugs, such as crack cocaine. The sale industry will expand from the legalization of drugs because the drugs will not sale themselves. A new form of entrepreneurship will be available for many individuals to take part in. Marketing jobs will increase simply because every new drug product will need to be marketed. In addition, there will be a variety of legalizeddrugs. Not only will Drugs create jobs for these three major industries; they will also create jobs for farmers.
Farmers will benefit from the sale and distribution of drugs in the United States. The southeast and south west in general will benefit the most form these new types of crops. In the west the very hot climate and usual low cloud cover will allow the marijuana plant to flourish much like itdoes in Mexico. In the south it will no longer be king cotton ruling the land it will be the great king cocaine that takes the throne and rain supreme. The cocaine plant will do well in the south due to the similarities of the deciduous slightly tropical forest of South Georgia and Florida and the jungles of its native South America Over seventy percent of drugs that come from plants needcultivating by someone. The three major ones are cocaine, marijuana, and opium. All three require very little to grow. This will allow farmers that have very unfertile soil to grow vast acreage of different drug crops and reap large profits instead of going out of business and losing everything. Farmers that have incorporated crop rotation will be able to bring marijuana in, plant it on their worst pieceof property, and make a profit. Farming has been on the decline in the last few years. The legalization of drugs could be the driving force that brings them back. This type of farming is legal in many places and has been proven effective. This process being legal will allow farmers to flourish. However, it is not legal in the United States.
This leads to the next point--the legalization ofdrugs would decrease the prison population significantly. In 1997, there were 55,069 drug offenders serving time in federal prison. If drugs were legalized, these offenders would be released. Some drug charges are federal offenses that can ruin one's life forever. For example, some states have laws that disable convicted felons from voting. If caught only talking about selling or distributing drugs,the charge can carry a one hundred year sentence if convicted-- while a convicted murderer could get out in seven years, depending on the circumstances.
This is completely unfair, unneeded, and would not exist if drugs were legalized.
My third reason why drugs should be legalized concerns taxes. Tax breaks could be brought upon by this new source of tax money. There is eleven point four billiondollars a year that is spent fighting the war on drugs that seems to be ineffective. Our tax money is putting this money forth, but it could be put to better use, if drugs were legalized. If drugs were legalized, the government could place taxes on them. The money generated from the drug tax alone could be used to build new schools instead of new prisons. The drug taxes could even be used...
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