Drug cartels

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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2012
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Christian A.Medina Molina
Research paper
July 9, 2011

Solutions to Mexico’s Drug War
The war against drug trafficking or organized crime in Mexico is an armed conflict between the Mexican stateand the drug cartels that control various illegal activities, mainly drug trafficking. This began in December 2006 when the federal government announced that it would launch a battle againstorganized crime in the state of Morelia where 500 murders of members of the cartels in 2006.
To battle these drug cartels the Mexican government has used armed forces, plus the Federal Police with theenforcement authorities of each state and various municipalities. Even the Army and Navy have joined this war without an end.
Government and TV have succeeded in making Mexico the most dangerous country inthe world.
A magazine called Control Risk, in recent weeks, put Mexico in first place among dangerous countries, above the terrorist haven of Pakistan. However, readers posted many incredulouscomments on the blog about the ranking, including one from a reader who stated that the author pointed out the obvious, but that Mexico is a huge and heterogeneous country where there are plenty of saferegions. The millions of tourists that visited Mexico in 2008 cannot be wrong. How many tourists did Pakistan received in 2008? C
onsulting another magazine called Newsweek The danger of Pakistanalso deserved a clarification of weight by the following testimony from a recent English traveler, a journalist who knows the area:
"The country I saw a long journey from Lahore to Karachi, throughthe rural areas of Sindh, is far from being a failed state. Nothing remotely like it, either, the idea of ​​the most dangerous country in the world. Instead, what you see everywhere today by Pakistanwho travel are the effects of recent economic boom. "
The Department of Public Safety of Texas, USA asked its citizens to avoid travel to Mexico because of the growing of violence between drug...
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