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  • Publicado : 2 de febrero de 2012
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Drug Legalization

What are the consequences positive or negative of legalizing drug? Drugs are resources that are capable of affecting the American economy in many ways both positively and negatively. Drugs often have a bad name even though they help us every day in medical cases and the drugs with the worst reputations are not the most abused drugs. One may benefit fromthe legalization of drugs in many ways, while others would suffer greatly “the demand for drugs in the world has stabilized mainly as a result of the interaction of epidemic forces, culture and economic development.”(Reuter. P) (2009) Almost every person in Puerto Rico has their own opinion on drug legalization. There are many different pros and cons to the legalization of drugs. Druglegalization is also an ethical and a moral issue. In weighing the positive or negative aspects of the legalization of drugs in society, drug users, economy, law and market drug are important factors to consider.

Should drugs be legalized or not? The drugs should be legalized, many others disagree. The first major benefit that will come from the legalization of drugs will be the increase in jobs.Creation of new jobs will take place in the manufacturing industry, sales industry, and marketing industry due to the increased demand for drugs. The manufacturing industry will experience a boost because some drugs will need to be mixed with other substances to become other drugs, such as crack cocaine. The sale industry will expand from the legalization of drugs because the drugs will not salethemselves. A new form of entrepreneurship will be available for many individuals to take part in. Marketing jobs will increase simply because every new drug product will need to be marketed. In addition, there will be a variety of legalized drugs. Not only will Drugs create jobs for these three major industries; they will also create jobs for farmers.
Farmers will benefit from the sale anddistribution of drugs in Puerto Rico. Farming has been on the decline in the last few years. The legalization of drugs could be the driving force that brings them back. This type of farming is legal in many places and has been proven effective. This process being legal will allow farmers to flourish. However, it is not legal in the United States and Puerto Rico.

This leads to the next point thelegalization of drugs would decrease the prison population significantly. In 2008, there were 85,060 drug offenders serving time in federal prison. If drugs were legalized, these offenders would be released. Some drug charges are federal offenses that can ruin one's life forever. If caught only talking about selling or distributing drugs, the charge can carry a one hundred year sentence if convictedwhile a convicted murderer could get out in seven years, depending on the circumstances. This is completely unfair, unneeded, and would not exist if drugs were legalized.

My third reason why drugs should be legalized concerns taxes. Tax breaks could be brought upon by this new source of tax money. There is eleven point four billion dollars a year that is spent fighting the war on drugs thatseems to be ineffective. Our tax money is putting this money forth, but it could be put to better use, if drugs were legalized. If drugs were legalized, the government could place taxes on them. The money generated from the drug tax alone could be used to build new schools instead of new prisons. The drug taxes could even be used toward special scholarships, government grants, or construction ofnew roads. This will generate new opportunities for some people, which they may not have had before due to the lack of government aid. This shows how drugs could play a major positive role in our economy.
Last of all the economy would experience an extreme boom from the byproducts of drug legalization. Certain drugs need other products to function properly or to be produced. For example,...
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