Drug speech

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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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Drug speech.

Drug addiction is a disease that involves the dependence of substances affecting the central nervous system and brain functions, causing changes inbehavior, perception, opinion and emotion. The effects of drugs vary widely, depending on the type of drug and the amount or frequency with which they consume. Canproduce hallucinations, intensify or dull the senses, causing feelings of euphoria or despair. Some drugs can even lead to insanity or death.

Today drugs youngpeople use drugs as if it were a hobby, no longer seem healthy can have fun then each party can not miss the drugs, young people see the act of using drugs as somethingcommon.

We guide them lest they fall into a serious drug problem, talk about the problems that can fall, the consequences, warn them all.

The young peoplethink that nothing happens, and maybe the first few times it seems not, but over time the dose will be increased and may become unable to control their disease.

Thethings that go to get money for drugs are amazing, from steal, even kill.

American rock is a very peculiar genre of our time which is derived from rock and roll.His special instruments are the guitar, drums, bass, piano sometimes often added.

The rock is the evolution of rock and roll and country,

The British rock wasborn from the evolution of rock and roll, rhythm and blues of this musical genre was influential in the United States as American rock

I personally think thatthese genres were great successes and some still are, because I believe that at least each of us like a rock song.