Drug war

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In recent years the drug war has been one of the main concerns and high priority issues of the nation’s homeland security. The implementation of new security strategies and technology exposes thereality of this problem that if not address, will have catastrophic consequences. The drug war is the combination of the inefficiency of the countries involved and the drug consumption increase in theAmerican market. These actions have profited multimillionaire dividends to drug cartels causing ambition, rivalry and violence.
Modern History
Although Mexican drug cartels have been around for a longtime, they have become stronger due to the extinction of the Colombian cartels. Nowadays Mexican drug networks controls most of the drug traffic in the United States. As a result, the US governmentand the department of homeland security have fully employed approximately 21,000 agents and Army National Guard soldiers along the borderline with Mexico1. These actions have created a sense of fearand tension among the population in the southern states. New strategies have been enforced to stop this situation; a clear example is the initiative Merida which is a mutual cooperation of these twocountries in an attempt to stop this war once and for all.
Operational Zones
The United States is the number one drug consumer in the world. This particular ranking creates the ideal opportunity to avery lucrative and solid line of demand for these illegal products. The perfect combination of a country willing to buy (consumers) and group of countries willing to create, sell and export(suppliers). Drug cartels have staked out territories and trafficking routes, moving heroin, crystal meth, cocaine and other drugs north to the U.S. on a grand scale. The great majority of these drug cartelsare located in Mexico, Central and South America. Border towns in Mexico are the main operational zones of these groups 2.
Illicit Activities
The main concern with the drug war is its direct...
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