Drugs: how everything started and its consequences today

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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2011
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DRUGS: How everything started and its consequences today


The following easy intends to present how drug consumption began and made its way through into the world, as well as how itis viewed nowadays. The evolution will be presented from its discovery, initial uses, and ways of expansion until its current uses and how it affects our society. This last point will be orientedtowards youth which is the mostly damaged sector of our society.

How everything started

Since the beginning of time drugs have been among us. One of the earliest records of drug use comes fromChina. The scholar emperor Shen Nung (2700 BCE), compiled a book of medicines listing all the known drugs and their uses.(Macmahon, 2009) Unfortunately the use of drugs, especially opium one of the firstones to be used, has been twisted from medicinal to recreational, making it a powerful commodity. Through the already known colonization process, drugs made their way out of Asia, into Europe andfinally America. They not only changed the political and economic face of the world but also at times generated war. Despite the many attempts countries have made to ban it, drugs have survived. Thereforeit could be said that no society, culture, or civilization has ever been entirely drug free or could ever be.

The addiction

It appears that until the late XIX Century the addictive factor waswidely overlooked by society. Considering Opium consumption, society could not tell the difference between its use as medicine and recreation. However in the XX Century the idea of drug dependencebecame more common. Putting the addiction factor aside, why is that people turn to drugs? Research tells us that drugs use can be set off by several factors. Among them we find biological predisposition,psychological factors and social pressure.
Let’s consider first biological predisposition. According to research certain human beings are likely to abuse substances due to a genetically...
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