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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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Drugs in teenagers a big problem today

Will drugs a way to have fun for many young people?

Why should the consumption of drugs?
1. Personal Problems
2. Peer pressure

Methodsto stay away from drugs
1. Rehabilitation Centers
2. home and school education

We must be aware of everything outside our home and be aware that any drug is always dangerous.

Drugsin teenagers a big problem today

Will drugs a way to have fun for many young people? No, that is not the way but some young think the contrary because they think the drugs is a way to free thestress. In this days young people use drugs to get an easy way out from trouble more than to get fun, due it they don't found time to share their trouble with parents and either have time to get fun withmom dad or brothers and always looking out of home what they in their home don’t give him.
Why should the consumption of drugs? by personal problems, cause their no really trust between parents andsons and don’t have time to be alone and share everything and learn to be a good confident to share most nasty troubles. and too because always exist that bad friends that pension you to be in badthings, and because as so in that way are accepted in the group.
Exist some methods to stay away from drugs one of them are rehabilitation centers that is a good help went is a little late for somepeople in this centers they learn how to life without drugs and give them reasons to live with their minds and body clean of drugs. Other methods are more communication in home parents should be veryclose to their sons to avoided any bad influence that they can found out of home and be able to share time to speak or listen them.

It has been shown that any person who uses drugs began having someemotional conflict: poor communication with their parents, insecurity, fear, etc. So it's good to have people whom you love and you can tell their problems, the drugs do not help to resolve anxieties...