Druker on leadership

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  • Publicado : 7 de mayo de 2010
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I am a devoted fan of Peter Drucker. During my years in the business college the study of his books, articles, and essays was a must. He is still one of the most influential authorities in managerialfunctions as an organized body of knowledge.

Convinced of the wisdom of Peter Drucker´s thoughts about leadership exposed in the interview made by Forbes.com, I´d like to make more graphic why Iagree with him.

Concept -----------Action
What needs to be done
Leaders need to respond the question “what is needed” . They are not required to do it. They have capable people to do what theydecide is needed.

Check their performance
Through continuous improvement, feedback.

Mission driven
They establish a mission, make sure followers know the mission, and keep it. They know to say“No”.

Creative Abandonment
Leaders recognize the right time to say: “no more”. Do not waste resources by putting them where they are not productive. Leaders recognize the right time to say: “nomore”. Do not waste resources by putting them where they are not productive.

The rise of the Modern Multinational
Leaders go with the wave of modernization.

21st Century Organizations
Leaderstake opportunity of technology. It is cheaper and faster.

Prisoner of your own organization
Leaders do not make themselves available to perform followers’ tasks. They develop priorities –no morethan two.

How organizations fall down
They make sure people around understand the priorities and vice versa confirming leader´s priorities and associates´ priorities go to the same planed target.They don´t guess on what the associates are doing and why.

The transition from entrepreneur to large company CEO
Leaders keep their style. They don’t pretend. They don’t do things they don’tbelieve in.

How capable leaders blow it
Leaders know their weakness and have people with strengths in areas they accept no expertise.

The danger of charisma
For leaders to be effective is a...
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