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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2012
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[Intro]OoooohYou high babyYeahYa'Talk to meYou want me to tell you somethingUh-huhI know what you want to hear...[Chorus A]Cause, I know you want me baby, I think I want you too"I think I love youbaby", I think I love you tooI'm here to save you girl, come be in Shady's worldI want to grow together, let's let our love unfurlYou know you want me baby, you know I want you tooThey call me superman,i'm here to rescue youI want to save you girl, come be in Shady's world"Ooooh boy you drive me crazy", bitch you make me hurl...[Verse 1]They call me superman, leap tall hoes in a single boundI'msingle now, got no ring on this finger nowI'd never let another chick bring me down, in a relationshipSave it bitch, babysit, you make me sickSuperman ain't savin' shit, girl you can jump on Shady'sdickStraight from the hip, cut to the chase, I tell a muthafuckin' slut, to her facePlay no games, say no names, ever since I broke up with what's her faceI'm a different man, kiss my ass, kiss my lips,bitch why askKiss my dick, get my cash, i'd rather have you whip my assDon't put out, i'll put you out, won't get out, i'll push you outPuss blew out, poppin' shit, wouldn't piss on fire to put yououtAm I too nice, buy you ice, bitch if you died, I wouldn't buy you lifeWhat you tryin' to be my new wife, what you Mariah, fly through twice...[Prechorus]But I do know one thing though, bitches, theycome they goSaturday through Sunday, Monday, Monday through Sunday yo'Maybe i'll love you one day, maybe we'll someday growTill then just sit your drunk ass on that fuckin' runway ho'...[Chorus B]CauseI can't be your SupermanCan't be your SupermanCan't be your SupermanCan't be your SupermanI can't be your SupermanCan't be your SupermanCan't be your SupermanYour Superman, your Superman...[Verse2]Don't get me wrong, I love these ho'sIt's no secret, everybody knowsYeah we fucked, bitch so what, that's about as far as your buddy goesWe'll be friends, i'll call you again, i'll chase you around...
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