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United Arab Emirates
Burj Dubai
Monument. Jewel. Icon.
Burj Dubai will be known by many names… but only a privileged group of people will call it home.

The goal of Burj Dubai is notsimply to be the world’s highest building. It is to embody the world’s highest aspirations.
Burj Dubai looks different depending on where you are standing. For those living nearby, it is a shiningaccomplishment –tangible proof of Dubai’s central role in a growing world. For those standing in other global capitals, it is a shining symbol –an icon of the new Middle East: prosperous, dynamic, andsuccessful.
In fact, Burj Dubai is both. It is a fact –an unprecedented example of international cooperation– and a symbol –a beacon of progress for entire world.
It is not by chancethat it is being built in Dubai. In less than thirty years, this city has transformed itself from a regional center to a global one. This success was not based on oil reserves, but on reserves of humantalent, ingenuity and initiative.
A vision this bold requires visionaries. Creating the centerpiece for a new world capital attracted the world’s most esteemed designers, developers andbuilders. One of them is the tower’s architect, Adrian Smith.
As a consulting design partner at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill –the global leader in creating supertall structures– Adrian Smith has had ahand in several of the world’s tallest buildings. With Burj Dubai, he –and the world– will surpass them all.

Choose weather the statement is true or false.

1. Burj Dubai will be the world’shighest building. T F

2. Burj Dubai is considered an icon of the United Kingdom. T F

3. Dubai has transformed itself in at least fifty years. T F

4. The unique buildingdesigned by Adrian Smith is Burj Dubai. T F

United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Match the names of the countries to its location by writing the right number.

Afghanistan _______ China...
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