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and can be frozen for up to two months if not used within a week. (If you decide
to freeze them, do so in small batches since they cannot be separated from each other until completely thawed, andonce thawed, do not take well to refreezing.)
Round gyoza wrappers, also called potsticker skins, are usually about three and a half inches in diameter, and are made from flour, salt, and water,without the eggs used in wonton skins. These Japanese dumpling
wrappers are slightly thicker and more resilient than wonton skins. Gyoza wrappers tend to dry out and harden when steamed, but can be used inrecipes
where dumplings will be boiled, deep-fried, or pan-fried. As with wonton skins, fresh gyoza skins can be refrigerated for a week or so. Once frozen they can be stored for about two months.Both wonton and gyoza wrappers vary in quality from brand to brand, with thickness being the most important variable. Look for at least fifty wrappers per pound. Brands with fewer wrappers per poundshould be avoided since they will be too thick and may taste doughy.
Basic Cooking Methods
Since these wrappers contain little or no fat, dumplings made with them should be cooked using moist heatmethods such as steaming, boiling, or frying. (If baked, grilled, or stir-fried, they become extremely dry and unpalatable.)
Each of the recommended cooking methods
will yield a different result,especially in terms of the final texture of the wrappers.
Boiling in a large quantity of water allows the wrappers to absorb plenty of moisture and expand as they cook. It also keeps the exteriorespecially moist and tender and is the best choice if dumplings will eventually be floated in a bowl of soup. When boiling, make sure to seal the dumplings securely. Since boiled dumplings will invariablybecome a bit watery no matter how tightly sealed, season the filling especially well.
Steaming yields moist but resilient dumplings
with chewy skins. Unlike boiling, it does not dilute the flavors...
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